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About Us

Every Moment has History

Precious jewelry handcrafted by native Colombian artisans using natural elements to create a piece of art.

Eco friendly, using recycled wood and sterling silver, hand-crafted and inspired by native artwork and the cosmos.  Different collections symbolize their respect and admiration.

Each piece supports local artisans and communities so they continue their traditional craft.

URU's jewelry is eco-friendly and sustainable, made with respect to humanity and the environment..

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About Us

We always had the idea of expanding the culture of our original towns to the rest of the world. We are living our dream by supporting local artisans and promoting their hand-made arts and crafts, so the rest of the world can experience, enjoy and wear them.


This company was created with the support of these artist, inspired by the cosmos, the nature and the people, who with great imagination, creativity and art skills put together different materials resulting in unique pieces of art.


All jewelry items are created from bits and pieces of different woods, just a peek at the wide variety of nature from different regions of Colombia.

We are starting this journey with our designs and URU's jewelry, and soon we will be adding other high-quality items for you to enjoy.


Our Home decor articles started with unique handmade dolls and miniatures with a geat stalish and spectacular designs.  You will fall in love of each unique piece as soon as you see them.   We work these figurines with our frined Herminda Rodiguez, who is our artist leader on these pieces.


Our items can also be found in special Craft shows. We will provide the schedule by email or phone when you request it





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